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Takato Ishida


Research Interest

My research revolves around the interplay between materials and time, focusing on the scientific exploration of how materials evolve over time and their implications in environmental contexts. The core of my interest lies in understanding the changes in material properties with long-term use, evaluating whether these changes are favorable or not.

I suppose materials aging over time is not inherently negative. For instance, the aging of wood enhances its aesthetic appeal, and the capability for CO2 absorption of cementitious materials serves as positive examples. My approach is to observe general aging phenomena from a primitive mind.

Moreover, my recent interest extends to the “pyrolytic decomposition”, crucial for considering the lifecycle of materials in terms of recycling. Chemical recycling, which breaks down plastics into clean chemical feedstocks, emerges as a key focus. This method is seen as the only complete recycling solution currently, with potential to significantly reduce carbon emissions. My ongoing work in material aging and decomposition intersects significantly, providing a valuable knowledge base for contributing to a brighter future.

I primary study on polymers (plastics) and cementitious systems. I currently employ a combination of simulation and experimental techniques.

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