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 My research focuses on the keywords “material” and “time” in the context of Sustainable Science of materials. With the growing interest in environmental issues, the viewpoint that existing materials and resources should be used carefully and for a long time is being shared internationally. The center of my scientific interest the “science of aging,” which is the study on the behavior of changes in physicochemical properties of materials used for long periods of time. In addition, In many scenes, it should be understood the material properties including not only the instantaneous state of the system but also the time evolution reflecting the molecular motion. Typical examples are the mechanical response of soft materials and the fatigue and creep of hard materials such as concrete and metals. I am also interested in these time-dependent “dynamic properties” and study them using methods of statistical mechanics and chemical physics, including simulation.

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石田 崇人 / Takato ISHIDA
Department of Materials Physics, Nagoya University
JSPS Research Fellow (PD)

E-mail: ishida[at]mp.pse.nagoya-u.ac.jp

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